Oak Grove Middle Contact Information

Main Office 952-681-6600  
Attendance 952-681-6602 ogmattendance@isd271.org
Health Office 952-681-6608 gbridigum@isd271.org
Fax 952-681-6601  
Brian Ingemann, Principal 952-681-6600 bingeman@isd271.org
Anne Graner, Assistant Principal 952-681-6600 agraner@isd271.org
John Polhill, Dean of Students 952-681-6600 jpolhill@isd271.org
Kim Lofton, Secretary 952-681-6603 klofton@isd271.org
Krista French,

After School Program Coordinator 

952-681-6606 kfrench@isd271.org
PTSA   ogms271ptsa@gmail.com
Charlie Beck, Tech Integrationist 952-681-6609 cbeck@isd271.org
Tom Bennett, school board ambassador 612-991-6260 tbennett@isd271.org

Harassment and Violence Reporting Form
Bloomington Public Schools maintains a firm policy prohibiting all forms of harassment and violence. Use this form to report issues relating to harassment and violence.

Academic Programs

Oak Grove Middle School provides a well-respected gifted education track, Dimensions Academy, for students who qualify for the program.

Gifted & Talented Programs

Homework Connection is a free after school program that is staffed by teachers to assist students in successful completion of homework assignments and reinforce classroom learning.