Jodi Eschrich portrait

Jodi Eschrich

Hi!  I'm so excited to be your child's teacher this year!  I've been at Oak Grove Middle School since 1999, however I have been teaching since 1988. I graduated from Minnesota State University with a degree in Math Education. I received my Masters and Specialist degree in School Administration from South Dakota State University. I am currently teaching 6, and 8th grade math all to 6th graders.  

I have three really tall, awesome daughters, my oldest graduated from the University of St. Thomas and is working here in Bloomington in the technology department, my second is a middle school teacher, my youngest is a sophomore in college.  So  I am officially an empty nester.   

It is my goal to have your child learn to love math this year and love learning. 



Grade 6
Oak Grove Middle School
(952) 681-6651


Class Name Periods Class Info Calendar Site
MA1601 5 Math 6 03 (A/B) Yes Yes Yes
AD1601 5 Advisory 6 04 (A/B) Yes Yes
MA1604 1 Algebra 8 05 (A/B) Yes Yes Yes
MA1601 7 Math 6 07 (A/B) Yes Yes Yes
MA1601 8 Math 6 08 (A/B) Yes Yes Yes