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Todd Anderson

I'm Tr. (Teacher) Anderson and I've been teaching middle school Social Studies in Bloomington since 1990. This year in 8th grade, we're studying Global Studies with a focus on world geography (physical and human).  We will concentrate on the following regions: Canada & The United States, Latin America, Europe & Russia, Africa, Southwest & Central Asia, Monsoon Asia.  We will explore contemporary issues from around the world and see how they affect us here in Bloomington, MN USA.  Possible examples: Fresh water resources of the Great Lakes; Urban Sprawl problems and solutions; Land Use Conflict in the Amazon Rainforest, How a valuable natural resource affects a region(oil); Globalization; Trans-Boundary Pollution; Climate Change.

Social Studies
Oak Grove Middle School
(952) 681-6677
Class Name Periods
SS1801 5 Social Studies 8 01 (A/B)
SS1801 6 Social Studies 8 02 (A/B)
SS1801 7 Social Studies 8 05 (A/B)
AD1801 5 Advisory 8 06 (A/B)
SS1801 8 Social Studies 8 08 (A/B)