Chase Hillesheim portrait

Chase Hillesheim

I am excited to be at Olson Middle School!  This will be my twelth year of teaching middle school math.  I have taught seventh and eighth grade math for six years.  My wife and I have three children that are very active and keep me busy.  My son is 9 and in fourth grade, my daughter is 8 and in second grade, and my other daughter is 2.  In my free time I enjoy playing sports and being active.  Some of my favorites: Subway, Chipoltle, Smoothies, Sweet and Sour Twizzlers, Payday, Starburst Jelly Beans, Trailmix

Olson Middle School
(952) 806-8692
Class Name Periods Class Info Calendar Site
AD1601 3 Advisory 6 01 (A/B)
MA1601 1 Math 6 02 (A/B) Yes Yes Yes
MA1601 2 Math 6 03 (A/B) Yes Yes Yes
MA1601 3 Math 6 04 (A/B) Yes Yes Yes
MA1601 4 Math 6 07 (A/B) Yes Yes Yes
MA1602 1 Math 7 08 (A/B) Yes Yes Yes