Chris Hahn portrait

Chris Hahn

Hi! I'm Mr. Hahn, and this will be my 19th year of teaching Language Arts at Olson Middle School. It is a privilege to teach your child, and I hope that 6th grade is a wonderful school year for him/her!

Grade 6
Olson Middle School
(952) 806-8701
Class Name Periods Calendar Site
AD1601 7 Advisory 6 01 (A/B)
LA1601 6 Language Arts 6 02 (A/B) Yes Yes
LA1602 1 DA Language Arts 6 03 (A/B) Yes Yes
LA1601 7 Language Arts 6 04 (A/B) Yes Yes
LA1601 8 Language Arts 6 07 (A/B) Yes Yes
LA1601 9 Language Arts 6 08 (A/B) Yes Yes