PB Reads: Encourage, Accept, Discuss and Seek

Published on Feb 09, 2021

Introducing Poplar Bridge’s school-wide book club! Each month all Poplar Bridge students will be reading the same book and discussing the content with their class.

This book club was created with a lens of cultural humility. That means that we are working toward being reflective and understanding ourselves and others in the context of our cultures. We are excited to build community and learn together! 

  • Each book will introduce a value. These values have been chosen by staff with input from others in the Poplar Bridge community. 
  • Teachers will facilitate a conversation about the book in order to help students understand what the value means and how they can display that in their actions.
  • PTSA is purchasing the books to ensure that every classroom has a copy in addition to adding it to our Media Center collection. 
  • Families will receive monthly communication that tells which book we have read and the questions that we will be discussing. Please feel free to continue the conversations at home!