Welcome to Poplar Bridge!

Welcome to Poplar Bridge Elementary! At our school we strive to create a positive, inclusive, and welcoming climate for all students and families. Collaboration between home and school is key to a successful elementary school experience and will provide the building blocks for middle and high school. We aim to engage students in the area of STEAM and also our Computer Science Immersion program. We believe these two programs foster a learning experience that pushes our students to be critical thinkers and will offer them the ability to thrive in a rapidly changing world.


Poplar Bridge is a STEAM school. Our teachers integrate elements of science, technology, engineering, art, and math across the curriculum. In addition, we host two STEAM Activity Days each year which offer special opportunities to students. We value our partnerships with Richardson Nature Center, Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, and Science From Scientists.

Computer Science Immersion

Computer science immersion aims to empower students with the skills and knowledge important for success in the 21st century: creativity, collaboration, communication, persistence and confidence in dealing with complex, open-ended problems. Our students have weekly or monthly dedicated lessons in computer science concepts and CS concepts are embedded in other lessons whenever possible. Contact Principal Cantu or visit the computer science webpage to learn more. 

Positive School Culture

At Poplar Bridge, we use a combination of PBIS and Responsive Classroom techniques to build a positive community. We collaborate to help students develop academic, social, and emotional skills in a learning environment that is responsive to individual strengths and needs.

Rich in Diversity

Our students come from a rich tapestry of backgrounds. In addition to English, you will hear our students and families speaking various languages. We value the diversity our students bring and work to ensure that everyone feels a sense of belonging.