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This page contains information and updates about the 2020-21 school year. For district and community resources related to COVID-19, please visit our COVID-19 page

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School Year Models

We continue to work with our local and state public health agencies and the Minnesota Department of Education throughout the school year to determine the most appropriate model for staff and student health and safety, while providing our students with high quality education.

Traditional School - image of students standing in front of a school, and students in desks being instructed by a teacher while wearing masks
Traditional School

In a traditional school model, students attend school every day as normally scheduled, with additional precautions in place including wearing masks, practicing social distancing and cleaning daily.

Hybrid Instruction - Image of students standing in front of a school building and students and teacher in a classroom wearing masks, accompanied by an image of a house and students learning at home.
Hybrid Instruction

In a hybrid instruction model, students attend school in-person on assigned days to limit the number of students in a classroom and allow for physical distancing. When not at school, students complete teacher-assigned work remotely.

Distance Learning 2.0 - Image of a school closed, with images of students learning at an apartment complex and a house.
Distance Learning 2.0 + Supports

Distance Learning 2.0 + Supports is our instruction plan that allows for fully remote learning with improvements based on staff, parent and student feedback from last spring. This model includes direct teacher instruction and independent student work, with a combination of virtual meetings, interactive class sessions and pre-recorded videos.

Bloomington Online School

Bloomington Online School is a fully online enrollment option for K-12 Bloomington families. Students attend school online each day and work with their teachers to complete learning activities specifically designed for their grade level.

Bloomington Online School (BOS) was created for families seeking an online K-12 education experience for their children. Building on three years of successful online course delivery at the high school level, Bloomington Online School is a long-term strategic commitment in response to student and family choice that will remain an option beyond the pandemic.

Bloomington Online School 


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