Fall 2020 Assessment Conferences

Published on Jun 02, 2020

The 2020-2021 academic calendar features two elementary student assessment days prior to the first day of school. On Wednesday, August 26th  and Monday, August 31st, Ridgeview K-5 teachers will be conducting individual reading conferences with students. These conferences will provide teachers with the opportunity to determine your child's instructional reading level, set academic goals, and design effective instructional plans. School will not be in session on these days.

During your child's assessment, we encourage you to remain in the cafeteria and take advantage of the special back-to-school opportunities provided for you. 

Please sign up for one 30-minute conference with your child's teacher.

Although we don't know yet what the 2020-21 school year will look like, we are sharing back-to-school dates and information to help families plan ahead. We will communicate any alternate plans or cancellations as those decisions are made.

Room 101 - Mrs. Heil/Mrs. Johnson

Room 103 - Ms. Sullivan

Room 105 - Ms. Michelau

Room 113 - Mrs. Nelson

Room 115 - Ms. Espe

Room 117 - Ms. Lang

Room 119 - Mrs. Evans

Room 121 - Mrs. Kubas

Room 224 - Mrs. Wallace

Room 218 - Ms. Andersen

Room 220 - Mrs. Nebben

Room 222 - Mrs. Schearer

Room 208 - Mrs. Chau

Room 210 - Ms. Wellman

Room 212 - Mr. Olson

Room 200 - Mr. Nelson

Room 202 - Mr. Bruce

Room 204 - Mr. Wammer