Read-A-Thon: Book Swap

Published on Jan 24, 2020

Does your student have a pile of books sitting in their room that they have already read and no longer want? Do you wish you had the opportunity to exchange them (permanently) for more exciting reading materials?

From Monday, Feb. 3, to Friday, Feb. 7 students can bring gently used books to the Media Center for donation. Students will receive a "Book Buck" for each book brought in. Students may receive a maximum of 10 "Book Bucks." 

Please make careful choices when bringing in books:

  • Books must be appropriate for grades pre-K through grade 5.
  • Books must be in gently used condition: cover on, no water damage, no rips, no tears and no bent edges.
  • Books with color or writing in them will not be accepted.
  • Coloring books, activity books and sticker books will not be accepted.
  • Books from kids' meals will not be accepted.

Reminder: The books you bring are donations and will go to a new home. You will NOT get them back.

"New to You" Books

From Tuesday, Feb. 11 through Thursday, Feb. 13 (see schedule below), students may come to the Media Center and trade their "Book Buck" for a "new to you" book. Students with unused or extra "Book Bucks" are encouraged to donate them in a special bin. The donated "Book Bucks" will be handed out to other students.

  • Tuesday , Feb. 11 - Grades 4 and 5
  • Wednesday, Feb. 12 - Grades 2 and 3
  • Thursday, Feb. 13 - Kindergarten and Grade 1