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Parent Information

BEACON ALP serves students who live within Bloomington Public Schools' attendance area. Students from other Minnesota districts may also apply. Students must meet state alternative programming criteria to be eligible.

Process for Applying

  1. A completed application should be mailed, faxed or dropped off in person to BEACON ALP.
  2. If your home school district is not Bloomington, current transcripts, MCA-II/GRAD/BST scores with numbers, IEP's, 504's and immunizations must be included with your application.
  3. Attendance and discipline reports need to be attached for all students.
  4. Students who receive Special Education Services and have an IEP, need to complete an IEP meeting at his/her home school prior to filling out application. All IEP's and Evaluation Summary Reports must be current (not due in 45 days upon acceptance). Students will be shared between Kennedy and Beacon due for special education support. 
  5. If you are accepted, a staff member from BEACON will call or send a letter indicating the date and time you will begin classes.
  6. Upon acceptance, a parent/guardian and student must attend a orientation meeting with the program coordinator.
  7. New students are accepted in BEACON ALP at the beginning of each trimester. BEACON's classroom environment consist of teacher instruction over a 12 week grading period.

Note: The following are some of our considerations when reviewing applications:

  • If Bloomington is not your home district, students are encouraged to apply as a shared student between Kennedy High School and BEACON ALP. Students will need to enroll through Kennedy High School.
  • Student meets one of the eligibility requirements.
  • Student who's class has graduated and is motivated to graduate.