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NExT Teacher Checklist

Staff who are interested in becoming a cooperating teacher should review the following checklist to determine if they are a good candidate for the position.

The Minnesota State University, Mankato program requires that each Teacher Candidate co-plan/co-teach for 60-70% of the time, with solo planning and teaching the balance of the time. Working as a co-teacher within the MSU design, it is necessary that you are willing and able to engage in the following:

  • Participate in co-teaching/mentoring training and content;
  • Use joint decision-making with a Teacher Candidate how to best offer instruction – engage in substantive co-planning;
  • Use a range of approaches/models in teaching their students;
  • Collaborate with others for best results;
  • Discuss logistical issues to improve teaching and learning;
  • Participate fully in daily and/or on-going co-planning with their co-teaching partner;
  • Give substantive input into all co-taught lessons;
  • Be an active co-teaching partner in developing the curriculum, lessons, materials and assessments for each teaching session;
  • Carry out each co-taught lesson to the fullest extent with their MSU Teacher Candidate partner;
  • Utilize a wide variety of co-teaching models for instruction throughout the student teaching timeframe (e.g. One Teach, One Observe; One Teach, One Support; Station Teaching, Parallel Teaching, Alternative Teaching, Team Teaching);
  • Assume all roles in the various co-teaching models;
  • Serve as an on-going teaching mentor to your Teacher Candidate;
  • Provide feedback to your Teacher Candidate; and
  • Reflect, assess, and evaluate the co-teaching partnership for assets and challenges.
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