MyStop App

Bloomington Public Schools offers parents and students access to live school bus GPS information. My Stop is a web-based application families can use to view current bus locations and the estimated time of arrival at their neighborhood bus stop. Only students assigned to a bus route are linked to the system. 

MyStop Instructions

Step 1: Get the student number

1.  Log in to BPS Login then click the Infinite Campus tile.

2.  Select one student and look for their student number under Today. If you have multiple children, you just need the student number for any one of them.

Step 2: Log in to MyStop

  1. Go back to BPS login and click on the MyStop Bus Tracking icon.
  2. Enter the Student ID number from Step 1 into the User Name field.
  3. Enter the Birthdate of the selected student into the Password field. Use the following 8 digit date format, "MMDDYYYY" (For example, if their birthdate is March 28, 2001, use "03282001" as the password).
  4. A map displays the student bus route and current bus location. Select a different student from the dropdown in the top left to switch views.
    1. The most accurate information is available within 15 minutes of your student’s scheduled pick-up time.
    2. The bus route and bus position only display when the bus is on its route.
    3. When a bus is not yet on its route, you will see the student stop but not the bus.
    4. You will see a map showing a portion of  your student’s bus route. Your child’s name will display in the box in the top menu bar.
    5. The yellow arrow represents the current location and direction of your child’s bus. The green line shows the portion of the neighborhood bus route where students are picked up or dropped off. The lavender colored line shows the planned route to/from the school to the neighborhood bus route.
    6. The box at the bottom of the map provides system messages and lists the current location of your child’s bus as well as the estimated time the bus will arrive at your child’s bus stop.


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