Positive School Culture

Valley View is a community working together to create a positive academic and social experience for all learners. We provide a school culture that allows all stakeholders to feel safe, special, and a sense of belonging. Every student receives equitable academic, social, emotional, and behavioral support that is culturally responsive, developmentally appropriate, evidence based, and matched to student need through tiered layers of support.  We believe in community values of respect, responsibility, integrity, citizenship, and honesty, and our student-centered programs reflect those values. Our “Cheetah Pride” shines through our monthly Cheetah Rallies and student recognition programs and lessons that support strong school spirit. Valley View is an AVID Certified School that helps students prepare to be middle school ready and begin to think about their postsecondary education.

Rich in Diversity

We are proud to be a Title I school with a highly diverse school community. We provide a stimulating, high quality educational experience for our students rooted in relationships, high expectations and support. We offer a positive social environment that includes Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS) and Second Step Social Emotional Curriculum. We have an experienced and dedicated staff that differentiate instruction for all core areas and who work to ensure that all students learn at high levels.  We have a 1:1 ratio of iPads in grades 1-2 and a 1:1 ratio of Chromebooks in grades 3-5 that makes it possible for staff to integrate technology throughout the school day, when appropriate.

Strong School Community

Partnering with families and our community in a variety of ways is vital to the success of our student’s learning. We host monthly Partners In Education Nights. We are a partner school with the Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge which allows students to interact with naturalists both at school and at the refuge.  Some of our students participate in Breakfast Buddies, an adult-student mentoring program that brings community volunteers in to enjoy breakfast and social time with selected students. Some of the other involvement opportunities for students are the annual school musical, the annual STEAM Fair, and for our 5th graders, the 5th Grade Leadership Team.