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Kaari Kohn

My name is Ms. Kohn (Ms. K) and I am really excited to be working with students in 8th Grade Language Arts as well as in Guided Study. I have a BS degree in Elementary Education (K-6) as well as a 5-8 Communication Arts and Literature license. This is my 13th year at Valley View Middle School and my 19th year with Bloomington schools. I look forward to getting to know my students and know that we will have a great school year!

Instructional Assistant
Valley View Middle School
(952) 681-5865
Language Arts
Valley View Middle School
(952) 681-5865
Class Name Periods Calendar Site
ET1004 1 Guided Study 01 (A)
ET1004 3 Guided Study 01 (B)
ET1004 2 Guided Study 02 (A)
ET1004 4 Guided Study 02 (B)
ET1004 5 Guided Study 04 (A)
ET1004 7 Guided Study 04 (B)
ET1004 6 Guided Study 05 (A)
ET1004 8 Guided Study 05 (B)
ET1004 9 Guided Study 06 (A)
ET1004 11 Guided Study 06 (B)
ET1004 10 Guided Study 07 (A)
ET1004 12 Guided Study 07 (B)
AA1600 1 Show Choir Activity (A/B) Yes Yes