Lynn Morales portrait

Lynn Morales

The 2019-2020 school year will be my seventh fantastic year at Valley View. I am originally from Edina, MN, but taught high school in both Indiana and Texas as well as in North Minneapolis before coming here. I have a BA in English from Valparaiso University. I LOVE coming to school every day, and am looking forward to connecting with my students through all of the fun and challenging aspects of 8th grade language arts. I know that we are going to have an amazing year!

Language Arts
Valley View Middle School
(952) 681-5922
Class Name Periods Class Info Calendar Site
LA1801 2 Language Arts 8 03 (A/B) Yes Yes Yes
LA1803 1 Honors Language Arts 8 04 (A/B) Yes Yes Yes
LA1801 6 Language Arts 8 05 (A/B) Yes Yes Yes
LA1801 8 Language Arts 8 06 (A/B) Yes Yes Yes
LA1804 1 Nobel LA Humanities 8 07 (A/B) Yes Yes Yes
AD1801 5 Advisory 8 08 (A/B) Yes