Beth Mattsson portrait

Beth Mattsson

Welcome! My name is Beth Mattsson. I grew up in Minneapolis but have lived in Bloomington for over ten years. I enjoy gardening, traveling, reading and spending time with my family. I absolutely love being a teacher! My favorite moments are when I see the, "I get it!" excitement in my students. I also love that intermediate students have such a great sense of humor.

Grade 5
Washburn Elementary
(952) 681-5563


Class Name
G500-HR 123 Homeroom Gr 5
G501-LA 123 English Language Arts Gr 5
G502-MA 123 Math Gr 5
G503-SS 123 Social Studies Gr 5
G504-SC 123 Science Gr 5
G505-HE 123 Health Gr 5
G506-AR 123 Art Gr 5
G507-PE 123 Physical Ed Gr 5
G508-MU 123 Music Gr 5