Karie Andree portrait

Karie Andree

I grew up in a small town of no more than 750 people! My dad was my track and basketball coach, as well as my highschool principal. I have many wonderful memories of school directly related to my dad. We rode to school everyday in an old '57 Chevy dusty pink pickup and shared breakfast together at the local cafe.

I attended the University of South Dakota where I have a degree in Elementary Education and a degree in Special Education. My Master's Degree is in Reading with several credits beyond that in reading, technology, and assessment. I've been teaching since 1990! My experiences are Early Childhood Special Education, First Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade, PAWS Intervention at WB, and Reading Coordinator. 

In my free time, I LOVE to participate in all kinds of activities. My favorite sports are running, cross country skiing, biking, playing golf-although that continues to be a challenge, and HOT yoga! You'll often find me at art shows, knocking around any unique, funky store, and any great local restaurants trying out the food! In addition to this, I LOVE to read with coffee in hand!

Teaching children the love of reading is my passion! I seem to find myself buying picture books and the latest chapter books much of the time! I sincerely hope when your child leaves my classroom, he/she will have a genuine love for reading and that they will read like never before! One of my favorite times of the school day is Read Aloud where I can share all my new found books!

I have a Shih Tzu named Java. He is so much fun and provides me with hours of entertainment! I am sure your child will be telling you many stories! One of my favorite things to do is take him for walks. He loves people, other dogs, and belly scratches!

Grade 2
Washburn Elementary
(952) 681-5532


Class Name
G200-HR 101 Homeroom Gr 2
G201-LA 101 English Language Arts Gr 2
G202-MA 101 Math Gr 2
G203-SS 101 Social Studies Gr 2
G204-SC 101 Science Gr 2
G205-HE 101 Health Gr 2
G206-AR 101 Art Gr 2
G207-PE 101 Physical Ed Gr 2
G208-MU 101 Music Gr 2