Beacon Alternative Learning Program

Beacon ALP is an education alternative that provides a variety of ways for students to earn credits toward a high school diploma. The program is designed to increase student learning by offering a smaller classroom setting and a wide variety of academic support. Beacon values high academic standards within each curricular area, meeting both Bloomington and Minnesota State Standards.

Program Options and Course Offerings

Beacon School within a school program at Kennedy offers full-time program for students in grades 11 and 12 and a shared-time program for students in grade 10 (two hours at Beacon, four hours at Kennedy). Classes are 20 students or fewer with a licensed teacher.

Curriculum Delivery

  • Teacher-directed curriculum
  • Online instruction via Edgenuity
  • Packet-based instruction - limited

Students must enroll through their Kennedy counselor.

All classes are trimester credits, 12 weeks per class.

English Math Social Studies Science Electives
English 9 A/B/C Intermediate Algebra A/B/C Social studies 9 A/B/C Physical Science A/B/C Work-based learning
English 10 A/B/C Geometry A/B/C Economics Biology A/B/C Job skills
English 11 A/B/C Algebra A/B/C Government Chemistry/Physics A/B/C Art elective
English 12 A/B/C Senior math US History A/B/C   Careers
    World History A/B/C    

Beacon Hybrid at Jefferson offers credit recovery during the school day for grades 11 and 12 using online instruction via Edgenuity. Students are required to attend school on daily basis. Hybrid options are allowed when student is on track with course.

Students must enroll through their Jefferson counselor.

All classes are trimester credits (12 weeks per class). Class offerings are limited.

Social Studies Science
Social studies A/B/C Physical science
Economics Biology A/B/C
Government Chemistry/physics A/B/C
US history A/B/C Careers
World History A/B/C  


Students attend credit make-up classes following a full day at Kennedy or Jefferson high school. After-school credit recovery is open to Bloomington students ages 16 and older and is offered trimesters 2 and 3 two days per week.

Summer school credit recovery classes are offered at Kennedy High School for students in grades 9-11 who have been referred by their Kennedy or Jefferson counselor for credit recovery. Invite letters/registration will be sent to students at the end of May.

2020 Summer School Information

Parent and Student Information
Enrollment and schedule information, attendance policy, behavior requirements and other program policies
Community Resources
Support and counseling resources, housing information, food resources, employment assistance, resource centers, economical and medical assistance, childcare resources, legal resources and educational services


Attendance Line: 952-681-5056
Attendance Email:

Michelle Christenson Program Coordinator 952-681-5058
Char Jax Program Secretary 952-681-5056
Carrie Cooley Counselor 952-681-5263
Jeff Dunlap Social Studies/Science/Work Experience 952-681-5292
Emily Liberko Mathematics 952-681-5185
Kate Plager English 952-681-5264
Sue Soderstrom Check/Connect Para