Why Choose BPS?

Students Thrive Here

At Bloomington Public Schools, we keep students at the center of everything we do. Nine of our schools are Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence and another six have received Minnesota School of Excellence designations. Their distinction is because of our dedicated and talented team of teachers, support staff, and school and district leaders, who consistently earn state and national recognition for outstanding achievements.

Computer Science Immersion

Our Computer Science Immersion program, in partnership with the University of Minnesota, offers deep, immersive experiences centered on skill-building through creative exploration and joy. The Computer Science Immersion program provides opportunities for students to learn computer science in the context of other subject areas, exemplifying computer science’s vast impact on all disciplines.

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Emphasis on Early Learning

Our innovative early childhood programs are recognized throughout Minnesota for their child-centered and parent-involved focus that creates a foundation for future learning. We offer a variety of preschool programs with emphasis on developing early cognition and pre-reading skills. Early Childhood Family Education programs help families take an active role in their child's education to ensure successful learning in school continues at home.

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Accelerated Learning Opportunities

Our gifted and talented programs are known internationally for their success in providing opportunities for students with high intellectual and creative capabilities to continue to grow and be challenged. 

Programming begins in second grade with several options through 10th grade. High school juniors and seniors have many options for advanced, rigorous courses.

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Artful Learning School

Hillcrest Community School is the only Artful Learning school in Minnesota. The Artful Learning model stimulates and deepens academic learning through the Arts. Students use the Arts as windows into every content area, using arts-based strategies to explore interdisciplinary content and express what they learned. Artful Learning is guided by four concepts: EXPERIENCE, INQUIRE, CREATE and REFLECT, to strengthen understanding, retention, and applying classroom learning.

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K-12 Online: New Code Academy

We know that not every student learns the same way. New Code Academy is a fully online enrollment option for students in grades K-12 available to any Minnesota family. New Code Academy provides a high quality, standards-aligned online learning experience created and taught by licensed Bloomington Public School teachers who spend a year designing their individual courses, collaborating with other teachers, taking coursework in online design and receiving one-on-one support in developing and teaching their online curriculum. Courses are standards-aligned and hold students to the same level of rigor and assessment as equivalent face-to-face classes.

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Pathways to Career and College

Preparing students for the future is no small task. We focus on developing learning opportunities for children from birth to graduation in a comprehensive framework known as Pathways to Career and College. Our Strategic Plan focuses on what we want students to know and be able to do, and how we help students to be career and college ready.

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Career and College Academy

Bloomington Career and College Academy (BCCA) offers students the opportunity to explore or begin a career path while in high school. Students learn from college instructors, earning college credit and high school STEM or elective credit. Students will graduate ready to continue their education and training, or begin a career. Open enrollment is available for students who do not reside in Bloomington.

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Pride in Diversity

Our mission is to help prepare all learners to thrive in a rapidly changing world. We strive to provide each student with equitable access to high quality and culturally relevant instruction, curriculum, support, facilities and educational resources. Supporting students is a focus for Bloomington Public Schools, which is why we aim to ensure the most safe and supportive school system possible for each student.

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Technology Enhanced Learning

Our students have access to innovative technology tools that amplify their learning experiences. Under the guidance of teachers and school staff, students use these toolsets to solve problems in the community, demonstrate their learning and seek out new knowledge. They use tools like Chromebooks, Google Apps for Education, Seesaw, Canvas, WeVideo and more to navigate their learning pathways and create products that showcase their learning and contribute to their learning community.  

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Strong Community and Parent Support

Bloomington Public Schools has a long-standing tradition of providing a high quality education because we are part of a community that deems education a top priority. Our parents have given us consistently high marks on our academics, climate, safety and communications in annual parent satisfaction surveys.

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