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Community Education Leadership Team

Jake Winchell
Executive Director

Michael Larson
Building Reservations/Activity Centers Manager

Kellie McGowan
Metro South Adult Basic Education Director

Sarah Moline
Early Learning and Youth & Family Services Director

Michelle Glynn
Enrichment and Marketing Coordinator

Betsy Miller
Aquatics Coordinator

Tom Bennett
School Board Ambassador

Community Education Departments

General Information 952-681-6100
Administration 952-681-6103
Adult Enrichment 952-681-6108
Jefferson Activity Center 952-806-7880
Kennedy Activity Center 952-681-5280
Aquatics 952-681-6134
Building Reservations 952-681-5283
Driver's Education 952-681-6111
Early Learning Services 952-681-6200
Kids' SAFARI 952-681-6128
Kids' SAFARI Inclusion 952-681-6105/6120
Learning Exchange 952-681-6121
Marketing 952-681-6108
Metro South Adult Basic Education 952-681-6170
SLAM 952-681-6108
Volunteers 952-681-6109
Youth Enrichment 952-681-6108