Emergencies & Closings

Weather-related Closings

Bloomington Public Schools’ severe weather procedures aim to minimize the loss of instructional time while being mindful of student and employee safety. In general, the district will remain open, even in severe weather. We know when snow or extreme cold conditions warrant closing of schools it is an inconvenience to parents, so we do our best to declare them only when necessary, when they pose a safety risk to students and staff.

Decisions to close schools are determined only after the district Severe Weather Team has consulted various authorities, including meteorologists with Hennepin County Emergency Management and the National Weather Service, law enforcement and transportation agencies and neighboring school districts.

After reviewing all information available, the superintendent makes a decision no later than 5 a.m. Notification to parents and staff is made, ONLY if schools are closed, by 5:30 a.m. School closures are communicated via

  • phone and email through the district’s parent notification system
  • district website
  • district social media channels
  • broadcast media are also notified

Student absences are excused at the discretion of the superintendent during extreme weather conditions only, and must be called in by a parent or legal guardian.

Due to the complexity of student transportation, the district does not practice two-hour late starts.

Principals may decide to cancel after-school and/or evening activities on the basis of current or predicted weather conditions. These cancellations are communicated through the district and school websites and/or email. A decision to cancel an after-school program or activity must be made 30 minutes prior to dismissal.

In addition to our regular communication channels, the district utilizes SMS or text notifications. 

To opt in to receive text messages, follow these instructions: 

  1. Log in to the Infinite Campus Portal at www.bloomingtonschools.org/CampusPortal.
  2. On the left menu, check your information on Contact Preferences. 
  3. In the grid of checkboxes, select all the ways you wish to be contacted by automatic messaging systems. 
    1. Please note the check boxes for receiving Text (SMS) messages. 
    2. To opt-in to text messages, provide a mobile number AND check the text box option in the Emergency column.
  4. If you need to update the phone numbers on record, click on Household Information > Update and/or Family Members > Update.  These updates will take up to 2 school days to take effect.

Note: Parents/guardians cannot opt out of emergency messages via phone calls for the safety of our students and families. 

If you need help logging in to the Infinite Campus portal, please refer to a previous password email or contact your school’s media center.

In addition to our regular communication channels, the district utilizes SMS or text notifications. 

To opt in to receive text messages, follow these instructions: 

  1. Log in to Skyward Employee Access
  2. Click Employee Information on the top left side of screen
  3. Click Personal Information
  4. Click Request Changes
  5. Add your mobile number in the Phone 2 field
  6. Click Save

Important Reminders

  • The Phone 1 field is designated for phone notifications (home or cell phone) only.
  • The Phone 2 field is designated for text message notifications only. If you don’t wish to receive text messages, Phone 2 should be left blank.

Opt-in Statement

By providing a mobile number in the Phone 2 field in Skyward, I authorize Bloomington Public Schools to send emergency notifications via text message for weather-related or school emergencies. This number will not be shared with outside vendors and will only be used for District emergency notifications. Standard data and message rates apply. The District is not responsible for fees incurred by staff who opt in to receive text notifications.

School Safety & Security

While we hope to never have to respond to a school tragedy, the reality is schools will be faced with events that impact students, staff, parents, families and the community. Today, our schools are better prepared to prevent or mitigate school violence, and to respond to school incidents and emergencies.

School Safety Flyer


Rick Kaufman
Executive Director of Community Relations
Emergency Management Coordinator