Learn more about screening and tips to prepare your child for early learning.

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Early Childhood Screening helps identify children who may benefit from early childhood services before they enter kindergarten and connects you to appropriate programs and resources. 

The state of Minnesota requires all children to be screened before entering kindergarten. The screening is most valuable soon after your child’s third birthday.

Screening is FREE and includes growth, development, and  immunization check. Your child will be assessed in these important areas: 

  • Preschool concepts
  • Communication skills
  • Motor skills
  • Social emotional skills

This free screening gives you and your child an early connection to Bloomington Public Schools.

If your child has already been screened in HeadStart or in another school district, please provide the screening report. Children only need to be screened one time. Children do not need to be screened if they have an active IEP (Individualized Education Program). 

Screenings take place at the Pond Center.

Important COVID 19 Instructions

  • At this time, masks are optional for adults and all children. Please look for signage on the front door for any changes to this policy should guidance be updated.
  • Only one parent and the child being screened are allowed to attend this appointment.
  • Screener, adult and child will all wash hands before and after the screening appointment.
  • All materials used in the screening appointment will be disinfected between appointments.


Make an appointment online

952-681-6200 - English
952-681-6219 - Español
952-681-6269 - Soomaali


Pond Center
9600 3rd Ave Ave
Bloomington, MN 55420

Families arriving more than 10 minutes late for their appointment may be asked to reschedule.