Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection programs offer opportunities for tutors to assist students with learning in an academic setting. We are always looking for volunteers who are:

  • enthusiastic and excited to help students achieve academic potential; 
  • willing to commit 1-2 hours a week for a school semester or 6-month period; and 
  • willing to share skills and expertise.

Parent volunteers

Contact the school secretary if you are interested in volunteering at your child's school. Provide your name, email, and interest in volunteering. You will receive an email from the Volunteer Connection office with the required next steps.

Community volunteers

Please email the Volunteer Connection office to learn about current volunteer opportunities.

If interested in volunteering for the Homework Connection tutoring program, contact our office. 

Homework Connection Information


To request volunteers for your classroom, please contact Emily Gagnon (egagnon@isd271.org). If you are requesting a student's parents/family members to become volunteers, please give their names and emails to your building secretary. 


Joan Luedke
Secretary, Volunteer Connection

Emily Gagnon
Volunteer Experiences Coordinator, Volunteer Connection

Pond Center
9600 3rd Avenue South
Bloomington, Minnesota 55420

Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Education Foundation of Bloomington


Education Foundation of Bloomington logo

The Education Foundation of Bloomington helps meet the educational needs of students of Bloomington Public Schools. EFB supports our students and staff through programs like Children's Food for Thought, Student Success Stipends, Innovation Grants and more. 

Education Foundation of Bloomington


Stephen Bariteau
Education Foundation of Bloomington President