Gifted & Talented Programs

Families from Bloomington and across the Twin Cities choose our Gifted and Talented programs for the opportunity to help highly academic and creatively gifted students continue to grow and be challenged.

More than simply differentiating curriculum, our programs are designed to enhance the unique capabilities of gifted children. Our programs include five major components:

  • Integrated Curriculum
  • Critical thinking and creative expression
  • Social and emotional development and enhancement
  • Family engagement and parent education
  • Taught by Gifted Ed. Specialists and GT trained teachers  

Our programs are classroom or cohort-based using rigorous, research-based curriculum and instruction. Programming begins in 2nd grade with multiple options through 12th grade. 

In addition to our gifted programs, students in all grades benefit from differentiated teaching with options for advanced learning and enrichment opportunities supported by Gifted & Talented staff.


Open enrollment is available into all Bloomington gifted programs. We welcome qualified students from outside the Bloomington school district to be considered for any program level from grade 2 through 12. District candidates do have preference over out of district candidates. 

Learn more about the process and timelines for Gifted and Talented program placements.


Erin Boltik, Ed. S. 
Director of Gifted Programs & Services
fax: 952-681-6497

Tim Kaari
Elementary Coordinator 

Jillian Chapman
Renaissance Coordinator

Lisa Kiner
Middle School Coordinator 

Kelly McQuillan
High School Coordinator