Digital Learning

Digital Learning: Next Technologies for Learning (NTL)

Next Technologies for Learning (NTL) is a plan for the next innovative technologies that will impact learning. The goal of NTL is to personalize learning for students to support their pathway to career and college readiness. The first phase of NTL is complete and focused on building a foundation of digital content, tools, literacy, wireless infrastructure and the capacity in staff and students to leverage these tools and resources. 

NTL is now focused on creating opportunities for students to collaborate and make connections within and beyond school, as well as fostering an atmosphere of innovation and agency in the classroom.  Students, teachers, and families are also provided with resources to make choices about how and when to use technology in school and at home.

NTL builds on these themes:

Student Centered 

  • Students can access authentic learning pathways that begin in middle school and continue into high school, including online options. 
  • Students can be independent learners and have ownership of time, place, path, and pace for learning.
  • Students have opportunities for learning that reflects their interests and passions.
  • Students can access a variety of digital resources.

Creative Problem Solving

  • Students can actively create and use technology to learn.
  • Students can access maker spaces and develop creative problem solving skills through the design thinking process.
  • Students have opportunities to experience computer science basics, with more in-depth options for students who are interested.
  • Students can solve problems that are rooted in community and connected to global expertise.

Empowering Data

  • Student learning is effectively communicated to students, parents, and teachers.
  • Students’ strengths and interests are represented in their school information profiles.
  • Students in need of additional supports are identified and connected with the appropriate staff.