Bloomington Graduation Rates Align with Strategic Vision

Published on Apr 02, 2024

The impact of disrupted learning due to the pandemic continues to be reflected in graduation rates throughout Minnesota. Graduation rates for 2023 are significant as it marked the graduation of students who began ninth grade during the pandemic’s first year. 

Bloomington Public Schools’ (BPS) 2023 four-year graduation rate dropped slightly from last year to 80.3 percent. The statewide four-year rate also showed a slight decline of 0.3 points, to 83.3 percent. 

Bloomington’s seven-year graduation rate of 90.2 percent continues to exceed the state average.  

The four-year graduation rate for multilingual learners increased by 5.2 points, marking the second highest rate since 2015. For students who identify with two or more races/ethnicities, the four-year rate saw a significant increase of 8 points. Rates for Black/African American and White students were higher compared to similar student groups across the state.

Despite the additional challenge of including students who began their senior year during the pandemic’s first year, the seven-year graduation rate for Jefferson and Kennedy high schools remains strong, at 96.3 percent and 89.1 percent respectively. The seven-year rates for both Asian and Black/African American students are 96.3 percent and 88.5 percent respectively, ranking as the second highest since 2015. Bloomington tracks the seven-year rate as a measure of the impact of the school district’s vision and strategy to ensure students graduate career and college ready. 

“We celebrate the achievements of our graduates and acknowledge the important role parents, caregivers, staff and community members play in contributing to our students' journey toward graduation,“ said Dr. Julio Caesar, executive director of research, evaluation, and assessment.

Graduation data are available on the Minnesota Report Card.