Creating the Strategic Plan

Developing a Vision for the Future

Learning is the focus of our work in Bloomington Public Schools. As such, we need to frequently ask, “why do we do the things we do in schools?” We know education and classroom instruction must change. The seismic impact of the pandemic on students and families, teachers and school leaders provided clear evidence we simply could not go back to normal. We’ve experienced and learned a lot about Bloomington Public Schools these past few years of pivoting between classrooms and distance learning, and collaboration with schools and our community to navigate the unpredictable challenges.

As we began to settle back into routines following the peak of the crisis we knew we had an opportunity to reset Bloomington Public Schools’ vision and learning environments that are focused on the learner, on equity, participation and creation, not just consumption.  

This is the reimagination of our work. But, we cannot do this alone. We welcome an active partnership with parents and our community, and value diverse voices, backgrounds and perspectives that will help achieve a common vision, and an alignment of commitments to prepare students to face what the future may bring and create a future they desire.

With guidance from the Catalyst for Educational Change (CEC), and the commitment of 90 internal and external stakeholders, we developed a new Strategic Plan through a nearly four-month process. The Strategic Plan was approved by the School Board in June 2023. 

Strategic Plan Timeline