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About Us

Award-winning Schools and Staff

Bloomington Public Schools is focused on academic excellence. Nine of our schools are National Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence and another six have received Minnesota School of Excellence designations. Their distinction is due in large part to a dedicated and talented team of staff, who consistently earn state and national recognition for their efforts in educational excellence.
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Emphasis on Early Learning

Bloomington Public Schools is a national leader in early childhood education. We offer a variety of preschool programs focusing on a comprehensive and holistic approach to developing early cognition and pre-reading skills.
Learn more about our Early Childhood programs.

Accelerated Learning Opportunities

Our Gifted & Talented programs are known internationally. These programs challenge students whose outstanding academic talent, advanced motivation and high-level performance indicates their need for in-depth, complex and rigorous curriculum and instruction.
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Proud of our Diversity

Bloomington Public Schools has a mission to help all learners succeed in a rapidly changing world, no matter their race, gender, learning abilities or faith. Our schools are focused on helping each learner succeed.  
Learn how we support our diverse student body.

A Leader in Technology

From flipped instruction to our state-of-the-art media centers, Bloomington Public Schools is focused on using technology to support student learning.  Our students learn in technology rich environments with increasing access to personal mobile devices and digital curriculum.  Our teachers are updating their practices to best use all the tools available to them.  Our families are using online communication tools to stay up to date about what is happening at school.  
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Strong Family and Community Support

Parents and StudentsResearch shows a school system needs a strong supportive community to be successful. Bloomington Public Schools has a long-standing tradition of providing a high quality education because we are part of an outstanding community. Our schools' academics, climate and safety and communications have scored consistently high ratings on our parent satisfaction surveys.

Learn more about parent and community opportunities.