Published on Dec 12, 2019


What is Read-A-Thon? The Read-A-Thon (RAT) is Normandale Hill’s biggest fundraiser, it funds many of our exciting programs like field trip assistance, Festival of Learning, classroom supplies. But MORE IMPORTANTLY it is an event that focusing on reading. The 2020 Read-A-Thon will go from January 11-25, 2020.

The main goal is to increase your student’s proficiency and love of reading, therefore only the following counts towards minutes read:

1. Minutes read by the student from a book, magazine or written publication. The media may be electronic but it must be WRITTEN words. 2. Minutes read by an adult TO the student, however in this case the student MUST be looking at the actual text. Minutes read while the child is performing another activity should not be counted. 3. Minutes read by a sibling or other child to the student – families please use your judgment on this, remember the goal is to increase the love of reading and gain proficiency!

What does NOT COUNT AS MINUTES READ? 1. Audible – we love it too, but as the student is not following along, we do not consider this increasing their reading proficiency. 2. TV or Movies with Subtitles – This is not considered an activity that increases reading proficiency or the love of reading, it is not acceptable.

Students read as much as they can during a two-week period and log all of their minutes read. Students also ask for donations to support their reading, either as a flat fee, by book or by minute read! We tally the minutes read by student, class and grade and hold a rally to announce the top students! READ, READ, READ!!!