Katherine Enloe portrait

Katherine Enloe

My name is Miss Enloe and I am the English Language Teacher at Oak Grove Middle School. I teach Academic English to students from all over the world. I co-teach Social Studies and teach Reading classes as well. I have been in the Bloomington School District since 2011. My second langague is Japanese. I was born in Hiroshima, Japan and lived there until I was 7 years old. Traveling, languages, and learning are things that I have always been passionate about.

ESL Teacher
Oak Grove Middle School
(952) 681-6672
Class Name Periods Class Info Calendar Site
EL1002 1 EL 6-8 1 01 (A/B) Yes Yes
SS1701 2 Social Studies 7 02 (A/B) Yes Yes
EL1002 3 EL 6-8 1 04 (A)
SS1801 7 Social Studies 8 05 (A/B) Yes Yes Yes
AD1001 4 Advisory 6/7/8 06 (A/B) Yes Yes
EL1002 4 EL 6-8 1 06 (B)
EL1002 2 EL 6-8 1 08 (A/B) Yes Yes