Kennedy students speak at voter pre-registration press conference

Published on Oct 06, 2023
KHS Students Speak At Voter Pre-Registration Press Conference
Kennedy AVID 11 teacher Staci Buchanan and several AVID students were invited to participate in a press conference at Bloomington Civic Plaza to speak about new legislation giving students ages 16-17 the opportunity to pre-register to vote. 

“In our classroom at Kennedy, we not only discuss the value and importance of civic engagement and voting, but also the impact young voters have in our communities,” Buchanan said. “We acknowledge, honor and recognize that their voices matter! With this legislation, more youth will be able to remove barriers that may have prevented them from voting.”
Juniors Ammar Elmustafa and Malik Simmons spoke about how the new legislation impacts them and their interest in civic issues, and Nimco Ahmed, Jasmine Gomez, Daisy Potapenko and Faraday Seebou answered questions from the press at the end of the conference.
Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon and Minnesota State Representative Nathan Coulter also spoke at the press conference, sharing their thoughts on voting, the new legislation, and its importance for our community.