Andrea Kibort portrait

Andrea Kibort

Hello, my name is Andy Kibort. I am a special education teacher with licenses in Autism Spectrum Disorder, Emotional Behavioral Disorder, and Specific Learning Disabilities. I attended the University of Minnesota and Hebrew University in Jerusalem for my undergraduate degree in Elementary Education, K-6, and University of St. Thomas for my Masters in Special Education, K-12. This is my eighteenth year at Olson, and I feel very fortunate to be here. I look forward to meeting my kids this very interesting year. We can do this!

ASD Teacher
Olson Middle School
(952) 806-8696
CIP Specialist
Olson Middle School
(952) 806-8600
Class Name Periods Calendar Site
SP1605 6 Clinical LA 6 01 (A/B) Yes Yes
SP1805 2 Clinical LA 8 01 (A/B) Yes Yes
SP1611 2 Clinical SS 6 03 (A/B) Yes Yes
AD1001 6 Advisory 6/7/8 04 (A) Yes Yes
SP1731 3 Sel Strategies 7 04 (A) Yes Yes
AD1001 5 Advisory 6/7/8 04 (B) Yes Yes
SP1631 6 Sel Strategies 6 04 (B) Yes Yes
SP1831 4 Sel Strategies 8 05 (B) Yes Yes
SP1831 8 Sel Strategies 8 07 (A) Yes Yes
SP1705 2 Clinical LA 7 07 (A/B) Yes Yes
AD1001 7 Advisory 6/7/8 07 (B) Yes Yes
SP1606 2 Clinical Math 6 08 (A/B) Yes Yes
SP1706 6 Clinical Math 7 08 (A/B) Yes Yes