Aimee Johnson portrait

Aimee Johnson

Welcome to Kindergarten in Room 101. My name is Aimee Johnson. I have been teaching Kindergarten in Bloomington since 2000.  Karin Heil and I have been job sharing since 2016. We enjoy helping kinders and their families have a great first school experience.  I live in Bloomington with my husband Ryan and three children, Justin , Jayda,  and Lindsey. I love to read, travel, and work in my garden during my free time. I love the Ridgeview family and love teaching Kindergarten.


Ridgeview Elementary
(952) 806-7141
Class Name
KG00-HR 101 Homeroom Gr K
KG01-LA 101 English Language Arts Gr K
KG02-MA 101 Math Gr K