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At Ridgeview, we foster a learning environment that helps our students recognize the value of individual differences, display ethical behavior, achieve success in their work and identify their roles in a continually changing world.

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Family Focused

Ridgeview is family centered. Families want their children to be challenged academically, to be treated respectfully and to be held accountable for their behavior. We believe learning is the result of teamwork and everyone working together to provide the best education possible for every child.

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Elements and Dimensions Academy

Ridgeview is one of two Bloomington schools that offers Gifted & Talented programs: Elements (grades 2-3) and Dimensions Academy (grades 4-5). These programs provide rigorous content at an accelerated pace. Student selection is based on the Bloomington Public Schools’ assessment measures or other professional assessments for gifted children.

Gifted & Talented program information