John Collis portrait

John Collis

Welcome to Ridgeview Art. I am really excited to welcome your child to my art classroom at Ridgeview. We have a very creative and exciting year in store for us! The art curriculum of Bloomington Public Schools provides an opportunity for all students to study the subject of art as an academic discipline. The elementary Visual Arts Program will provide all students the opportunity to develop creative thinking skills. Students will experience growth through the artistic process, collaboration, personal and cultural connections to lead learners to a lifelong respect of the visual arts. Please visit my website to learn more about the art curriculum and also about my family and me. I am happy to have the opportunity to teach your children and continue the high standards set here at Ridgeview.

I look forward to meeting you and working with you this year. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns regarding the curriculum or student achievement.

Art Teacher
Ridgeview Elementary
(952) 806-7143


Class Name Periods
G106-AR 113 Art Gr 1
G106-AR 115 Art Gr 1
G106-AR 999 Art Gr 1
G206-AR 119 Art Gr 2
G206-AR 121 Art Gr 2
G206-AR 224 Art Gr 2
G206-AR 999 Art Gr 2
G306-AR 218 Art Gr 3
G306-AR 220 Art Gr 3
G306-AR 222 Art Gr 3
G306-AR 999 Art Gr 3
G406-AR 208 Art Gr 4
G406-AR 210 Art Gr 4
G406-AR 212 Art Gr 4
G406-AR 999 Art Gr 4
G506-AR 200 Art Gr 5
G506-AR 202 Art Gr 5
G506-AR 204 Art Gr 5
G506-AR 5993 Art Gr 5
G506-AR 999 Art Gr 5
KG06-AR 101 Art Gr K ART (Main)
KG06-AR 103 Art Gr K ART (Main)
KG06-AR 999 Art Gr K ART (Main)