New mural and student art reflects school values, builds pride

Published on Mar 20, 2024
Mural at Valley View Elementary

School pride is on display at Valley View Elementary in the form of a new mural and seven new pieces of art created by students and staff. This is the result of a two-week project led by Artist-in-Residence Greg Preslicka, who led an engaging arts learning experience involving the whole school.

Students created a series of seven pieces of art that reflect the Cheetah values: Caring, Honesty, Effort, Excellence, Trusting, Attitude and Helpfulness. Students worked on their own to paint a square piece of art. Each piece came together to form a bigger image representing one of the seven Cheetah values.

Preslicka painted a large mural in the school cafeteria, featuring a cheetah reading a book to its cheetah cubs and incorporating the seven values. Students watched and burst into applause as Preslicka finished the mural.

The artist-in-residence project was funded by a Youth Art & Musics grant from Hennepin County secured by Principal Kelly Tennison and art teacher Alex Loosbrock. We hope the mural and artwork helps foster community and pride within the Valley View Elementary School community for years to come.

View all of the art in this Google Photos album.

Collage of seven pieces of art that represent Valley View Elementary's seven values