Daniel Geiselhart portrait

Daniel Geiselhart


I am excited to be teaching for the third year at Jefferson after spending the 13 years in Bloomington public schools at Kennedy.  I am happy to be teaching Geometry and Honors Geometry this year.  My goal is to have every student know more math and like math more by the end of the year.

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Dan Geiselhart 

Jefferson High School
(952) 806-7733
Class Name Periods Calendar Site
MA2009A 1 Honors Geometry A 02 (Main) Yes Yes
MA2018A 1 Pre-Calculus A 03 (Main) Yes Yes
MA2018A 2 Pre-Calculus A 04 (Main) Yes Yes
MA2009A 2 Honors Geometry A 05 (Main) Yes Yes
MA2009A 3 Honors Geometry A 06 (Main) Yes Yes
AD2011 5 Advisory 11 AD (Main)